January 27, 2022


Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Tools, (PG) (JB), Johor, (KL), N9, Pahang, Melaka) Cleaning Machinery

About Us

We are one of the Supplier Bumiputra chemicals in Malaysia. We are located in Pasir Gudang, Johor. Since the establishment of IKLEENS in 2013, IKLEENS has over 8 years of experience in supplying reliable cleaning solutions and chemicals to contractors, households, offices, restaurants, and government agencies. Currently, we are one of the notable suppliers of commercial and industrial cleaning products that are mainly used in government agencies, presently we also expanding our product range for domestic and household customers.

IKLEENS has put together one of the best cleaning solutions not only to cater to various industries but also to produce economical and environment-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe even for domestic usage. We have established a few retail stores for easy access for our customers around Malaysia. IKLEENS aspires to become the biggest hygiene product to supply.


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