What Equipments & Resources Do I Need to Start Cleaning Business?


It’s time to start shopping for the essentials now that you’ve completed your market research and decided the type of cleaning business you want to start! Because it depends on what you’ll be cleaning, not every cleaning company will require the same items, but here are a few suggestions to get you started:
– Sponges and scourers.
– Yellow dusters/micro-fibre cloths.
– Glass polishing cloths.
– Cleaning brushes.
– A mop and bucket.
– A dustpan and brush.
– Protective gloves.
– A plastic caddy to carry the essentials.

Of course, this is just a starting point and is best suited to a domestic cleaning service. If you decide to run a commercial or specialized cleaning business, you may also require specialized equipment such as vacuums, pressure washers, and hoses.

Essential Cleaning Products

Here’s our list of essential cleaning products which you may wish to invest in:

1) Furniture polish.
2) Glass cleaner.
3) Multipurpose cleaner.
4) Disinfectant.
5) Mildew cleaner.
6) Degreaser.
7) Floor cleaner.
8) Bleach.
9) Sanitizer.
10) Toilet cleaner.
11) Washing up liquid.
12) Laundry detergent.
13) Dishwasher chemicals.

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